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3/4" Washed Round Rock

from $179.99
3/4" washed round natural rock. Great for drainage, Dog runs and low cost decorative applications. Pea Gravel does not compact. Don't use for Driveways. Use weed fabric under the rock to stop weeds from growing through the rock.

Washed Sand 3mm

from $165.99
Our finest clean washed Sand. Great for Stucco, Parging, Sand Boxes..   For under paving stones we recommend HP Bedding sand as it compacts better and ants don't like the larger 7mm minus particle size

1 1/2" Washed Round Rock

from $179.99
1 1/2" Round Rock. Grey in colour. Great for ponds, dry stream beds or Decorative rock mulch applications. Too large for pathway applications and has NO compaction value. 

3/8" Pea Gravel

from $189.99
Small grey 3/8" round rock. Great for low cost ground cover. NO compaction qualities. 

Crushed Screened Gravel 40mm

from $165.99
40mm screened crushed stone is idea for drainage applications. Not ideal for pathways due to its larger size. For Patway applications use 25mm Crushed gravel instead.

Washed Sand 5mm

from $165.99
Clean Screened sand. This sand is 5mm minus. Commonly used under paving stones as a screed layer or in Sand Boxes.   For best results under paving stones we recommend our HP Bedding sand. It compacts better and ants don't like the larger 7mm minus...