Lawn Topdressing refers to adding additional layers of material rich in organic matter at the uppermost level of your soil. This ensures that your plants can have a more favourable environment and draw upon more nutrients, thus ensuring ideal growth.

As such, Lawn Topdressing is a type of soil amendment that is helpful if you want to ensure that your plants grow perfectly.

Benefits of Lawn Topdressing

There are quite a few advantages to gain from topdressing your lawn, such as:

Greater Organic Content: Topdressing gives you an increased level of organic content at the uppermost layer of your soil. This means that your plants have a nutritionally rich environment to draw from, ensuring healthy growth.

Fix Sunken Areas: Another benefit that comes along with opting for Lawn Topdressing is that it gives you the perfect opportunity to grade out the uppermost layer of your lawn. If you have sunken areas, topdress and add seed to get back to level.

Water Retention & Drainage: Topdressing can also help with water retention and drainage. It is vital to ensure water doesn’t pool in certain areas, while at the same time, the soil should retain moisture for the roots. Topdressing will help break down the soil underneath.

To make sure your lawn can realize these benefits, getting your landscape supplies from a reputable source is essential.

Are there any negatives to Lawn Topdressing?

While there are no negatives regarding your lawn health, time and money can always be a drawback.

Professionals charge too much: In general, the process is expensive if you opt to go with professionals. Besides material costs, professionals also charge a fair amount of money actually to do the job. Of course, it only increases with more reputed professionals from the lawncare industry.

Hard work required: If you choose to avoid the expenses by doing it yourself, you’ll need to do some research and set out a day of hard work. Soil is heavy, and you will need the proper tools to move it around your yard.

How to Topdress Your Lawn

There are several ways in which you can topdress the lawn. The simplest way is to hire a professional. A landscaper will come at a premium, but they can save you time and ensure the topdressing is applied properly.

However, you might also want to do it yourself since it is relatively easy to topdress your lawn. One of the first things you need to do is ensure that you have proper quality soil. Some landscape suppliers even offer a specialized topdressing mix.

Next, you can use about ½ an inch of soil amendment, such as compost, to ensure that the upper layer of your soil is adequately covered with organically rich material.

Finally, wait and observe how your plants adapt to the changes. Topdressing should lead to faster and fuller growth so that you can have a lush, green lawn!

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