Gravel landscapes are attractive because of their aesthetic appeal and low maintenance. They are durable, long lasting, and offer good protection against erosion. Decorative gravel in Calgary has been a staple landscape supply for many homes.

Along with its many benefits, gravel landscapes are inexpensive to add visual interest to any space. It is straightforward to install and requires minimal effort to maintain. These decorative rocks in Calgary are perfect for small spaces because they allow you to add interest and beauty to small and large outdoor living spaces.

Gravel and patio

Gravel is an excellent patio material because it doesn’t require special skills to install and maintain. It looks great when installed correctly and provides an ideal surface for sitting down or relaxing while enjoying the outdoors.

Gravel is often used as a ground cover in landscaping designs, offering a low-maintenance option for outdoor living spaces.

Gravel walkway

Choosing what kind of surface to use is about finding something that works best for the place you plan to put it. Choosing gravel for your walkway is an excellent option if you need a low-maintenance surface to go around the edges of your yard.

You can also choose coloured pavers to add interest. A smooth paved area is better suited to outdoor furniture and plantings, while a patterned floor is ideal for indoor areas where there might not be room for chairs and tables.

Rock garden with succulents

Succulent plants are ideal for any garden. They require infrequently watered soil with excellent drainage. Since succulents will thrive in dry climates, planting them in a rock garden made of gravel will add to the scenic beauty of your garden and make your succulent plants stand out, giving your landscape a modern touch.

Gravel garden bed

Most people use compost or mulch as landscape supplies in Calgary to grow plants. Gravel can be a great alternative for stopping weeds, particularly when combined with other materials. Choosing a colour scheme that complements your garden’s design will make your plants stand out.

Play area for pets

If you have pets at home, think about using stones to create a fun space for them. They will enjoy this freedom while playing freely on the ground. However, if your pets are small, you may need to use larger pebbles so they can have enough traction to move around. Also, if you’re concerned about your little friends getting hurt, you should opt for rounded gravel.

Water features and gravel

Gravel beds always look good in contemporary garden designs. They make a nice texture for breaking up smooth concrete patios and wooden decks. You can soften the effect by planting bold leaf plants that grow over or through the gravel.

Gravel is a flexible material perfect for creating landscape features around ponds and cascades. For a practical purpose like this, it’s better to choose a medium-sized rock. If it’s too large, it will be difficult to walk on it; if it’s too small, it will spread around and stick to surfaces.

Landscaping with Gravel in Calgary

Gravel landscaping in Calgary is common, but if you wish to make your garden stand out, we suggest giving these ideas a personal flair by using colors, patterns, and plants that best represent your taste.

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