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Product code: WTM1005

Montane Garden Mulch™

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Montaine is a fine Pine and Spruce mulch. This mulch is composted to a deep brown colour and screened to a 3/8" minus size. When you use Montane Garden Mulch to top a flowerbed it creates a look that closely resembles dark rich soil. The benifits of Alpine Much are weed suppression and temperature regulation of the soil. Montaine helps to retain moisture in the soil to reduce the amount irrigation needed to keep the soil at optimum soil moisture content.

Q: How much does one WonderTote® Cover.

A: Each WonderTote® will cover 150-200 square feet around 2" deep

Q: Should I apply a landscape fabric first.

A: No. Mulch should be allowed to add nutrients to the soil through the natural decomposition of the fibre.

Q: Does it blow away in the wind.

A: Normally no. The fibres have a way of matting or tangling together. If you thinking of applying the product in a very windy location you may want to consider using a decorative rock mulch.

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