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Bagged Soil, Mulch and Gravel Delivery in Calgary

Not everyone can accommodate a huge pile of soil or gravel getting delivered by dump truck at their property. Whether you are constricted by space or time, it can be a challenge to get soil, gravel or mulch delivered for your next landscape project.

That’s why we created the Wondertote, a 1 cubic yard tote that can hold any type of landscaping material. You can choose from a range of products such as soils and garden mixes, mulches, decorative rock, gravel, sand and even firewood!

These totes make delivery a breeze as we can offer much better placement compared to standard dump truck delivery. On top of that, these totes will protect your materials in all types of weather. This means you can work on your project at your own pace, rather than rushing to get the soil moved before the next rain hits.

Questions & Answers

Wondertote is a handy, clean and convenient way to receive your landscape supplies. We have been providing easy to order landscape supplies across Canada for decades!

Each Wondertote is one cubic yard. We deliver direct to you in a strong tote bag and place it on your driveway or property. The Wondertote can be resealed between uses keeping the product inside fresh and dry.

We Deliver using Crane trucks and/or Forklifts.

No. We will place your Wondertote where you ask us to, and we will keep you up to date by email, so you know when we are coming.

We are able to place on Driveways, Car/RV Pads, Back alleys, and on the edge of your property as long as we can access it from the street. Some people will mark the spot with chalk or tape where they would like the Tote placed or by giving detailed instructions on the last page of the check-out using the shipping comments box. Remember if you say on the left side of the Driveway we take that to mean if we are on the street looking at the house.

We cannot drive on your grass, the neighbors property, or into gates (unless wider than 9′) We can’t place it into your garage over fences or in places where a forklift wouldn’t be able to drive.