Step 1:
Place your order on our secure On-line store. We have a great selection of products to choose from. Garden Mix, Soil Amendments, Mulch, Rock and Sand are but a few.

Step 2:
Within a day or two we bring your Wondertote to your home or business and place it right where you asked us to during the ordering process. You don’t even need to be home to take delivery.

Step 3:
Your Wondertote is safe from the elements thanks to the clever resealable top. Use it when you need it reseal it when your done.


All Wondertote orders include a refundable $5 Bag deposit that is applied at the time your product is added to the shopping cart. Once you are through with your Wondertote bring it to the following address to receive your $5 refund. PLEASE NOTE: bags must returned in re-usable condition (no holes or tears). Alternatively you can recycle them curbside or re-use them around  your home or have us pick them up next time you place an order. Wondertote Topsoil: 403-275-5550dragonfly.png