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Garden Party Soil Enhancer ®

This Garden has Garden Party® applied to the left side. Notice the dark colour and smooth texture. Calgary Soil is hard, full of clay and lacking nutrients. Enhance your soil with Garden Party.  Garden Party Soil Enhancer® feeds and amends...

Woodlands Garden Mix ®

You will love Woodlands Garden Mix® Our specialty Garden Mix that our customers have been raving about since 1991! A mixture of Organic Compost, Black Alberta Peat, premium composted bark fines. No clay here! Great for new beds and gardens or for...

Big White Bag of B.C. Birch Firewood

Every great winter night starts and ends with a roaring fire. For the Ultimate experience it's B.C. Yellow Birch. This wood burns hot, long and clean. BC Yellow Birch is a harder wood then Pine, Cedar or it's toothless cousin White Birch. Because it...

Pine Firewood

Beautiful Split and dried Alberta Pine. Great wood for the traditional crackling fire. Each bag contains 27 cubic feet/one cubic yard of firewood. Each Big White Bag comes with a handy resealable top to keep your wood Dry. The bag has a smooth bottom...

Wonder Mulch™

Wonder Mulch™ is made from shredded Pin/Spruce bark. This mulch smells great and is a rich dark brown colour. Mulching is a natural way of keeping weeds from growing in your planting beds. By adding mulch to your beds your soil will retain...

3/4" Washed Round Rock(20mm)

3/4" washed round natural rock. Great for drainage, Dog runs and low cost decorative applications. Pea Gravel does not compact. Don't use for Driveways. Use weed fabric under the rock to stop weeds from growing through the rock.

Screened Loam

Screened Loam is great for filling holes and grading. When laying sod it is common to use screened loam to achive a smooth level surface. Our screened loam is prepared at our location using a Screening Plant fitted with the smallest screen size...

Washed Sand 3mm

Our finest clean washed Sand. Great for Stucco, Parging, Sand Boxes..   For under paving stones we recommend HP Bedding sand as it compacts better and ants don't like the larger 7mm minus particle size

1 1/2" Washed Round Rock(40mm)

1 1/2" Round Rock. Grey in colour. Great for ponds, dry stream beds or Decorative rock mulch applications. Too large for pathway applications and has NO compaction value.