You moved to the other side of a fire pit because the smoke was getting you all choked up! Or maybe you had to jump out of your chair because of a stray ember from a crackling fire. Whatever uncomfortable experiences you had, you would want to know the differences between good and lousy firewood.

You can’t expect bad firewood to behave like premium quality, which is why you need to know the different types to make better purchasing decisions. There are many different types of firewood for sale in the market, with birch and pine considered the best options (for a good reason).

While both birch and pine woods are known to burn hot and fast, they will provide a very different experience if you decide to use them in your fireplace. At Wondertote, we have the best firewood supplies in Calgary. We’re here to help you learn more about the types of firewood you can get for different requirements.



Poplar woods are the lowest quality firewoods when it comes to burning. The reason is that they give off considerable smoke and smell. On top of that, expect a large amount of popping when burning poplar wood. They also give off relatively low amounts of heat compared to other woods in the same amount of time. This is because the moisture inside the wood takes up to 2 years to dry completely. But they can be used when you want cheap wood for recreational purposes only.


Spruce is low density and takes anywhere between 6 months to 2 years to be seasoned and ready to burn. But even once dry, it acts as low-quality firewood and gives off large amounts of smoke. Plus, spruce wood provides a low to moderate amount of heat with lots of popping.


Pine firewood is available in three common types – white pine, jack pine, and lodgepole pine. White and jack pines have similar characteristics to spruce and burn the same way. Lodgepole pine is denser, with straighter grain and fewer air pockets, drying faster and giving a better quality burn. It provides a good amount of heat with some popping.


Cedar is a special kind of firewood known for its pleasant aroma, fast-burning, and high heat. It does pop slightly and gives off some smoke, but the fast heat makes it an excellent option for kindling.



Maple is very dense firewood, and when dried up completely, it gives a hot, long burn session with a pleasant aroma. It gives off some smoke but doesn’t pop. Maple wood is mainly used for fire ovens because its smell gives food a unique flavour.


Ash is very dense firewood that burns for a long time and gives off moderate heat. While it doesn’t give you a roaring fire, it burns for an extended time, keeping the room cozy and warm for a longer time.


Fruitwood comes from fruit trees like apple, cherry, and pear. These woods are dense and smell heavenly, with a hot and long-burning flame. They are used specifically for cooking and smoking foods.


Birch firewood is a top choice for firewood for both indoor and outdoor burning. It has low-density smoke, doesn’t pop, and burns very hot for an extended period. Its aroma is also pleasant, and it leaves behind minimal residue and ash.

How Do I Choose My Firewood?

Choosing firewood depends on budget, accessibility, and your desired experience. Do you want a roaring flame or a fire with a pleasant aroma? Do you want cheap but fun firewood that pops outdoors, or do you want a smooth fire with an extended burn? Whether to choose birch or pine? Well, they are both excellent and using the information above, you can purchase the firewood that suits your needs.

At Wondertote, we stock only premium-quality birch and pine wood in Calgary – the best of both softwood and hardwood. Visit us if you’re looking for a wonderful experience and get the best guidance in choosing suitable firewood for your home or outdoors.

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