As the vibrant colours of summer transition into the warm hues of autumn, it signals the time for homeowners to shift their attention to fall lawn and yard maintenance. This crucial seasonal transition involves a series of tasks to prepare your outdoor space for the upcoming winter months. From tackling fallen leaves to aerating and fertilizing the soil, fall maintenance ensures the health and resilience of your lawn while setting the stage for a lush and thriving landscape come spring. Let’s explore the essential steps to maintain your yard during fall.

The Autumn Clean-Up Ritual

Before diving into specific maintenance tasks, start your fall yard care routine with a thorough clean-up. Remove fallen leaves, debris, and any summer remnants that may be lingering. A clean slate is essential for a successful fall maintenance plan.

Aeration: Breathing Life into Your Lawn

One of the key secrets to a healthy lawn is proper aeration. Fall is ideal for aeration, as it allows your lawn to breathe and promotes robust root development. By aerating your lawn, you create channels for nutrients and water to reach the roots more effectively, ensuring a lush and resilient turf come spring.

Fertilization: Nourishing Your Landscape for the Winter Ahead

As temperatures drop, your lawn’s nutrient needs change. Fertilizers provide the necessary nutrients to strengthen the roots and prepare your lawn for the winter months. Choose a high-quality fertilizer that is rich in phosphorus and potassium, promoting root growth and disease resistance.

Seeding for Success: Patching Up Bare Spots

Fall is an opportune time for overseeding and repairing bare spots on your lawn. Whether you’re dealing with high traffic areas or patches that need rejuvenation, the fall season provides an optimal environment for seed germination. Ensure proper watering during this process to encourage the establishment of new grass before winter sets in.

Winter-Ready Mulching

Mulching is a crucial step in protecting your plants and garden beds from the harsh winter elements. Applying a layer of mulch around trees, shrubs, and flower beds helps regulate soil temperature, retain moisture, and suppress weed growth. Additionally, mulching acts as an insulating blanket for plant roots, safeguarding them from extreme temperature fluctuations. WonderTote offers a variety of mulch delivery options, catering to various aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Irrigation: Finding the Balance

While the fall season typically brings increased rainfall, it’s essential to strike a balance in irrigation to prevent waterlogged soil. Gradually reduce watering frequency as temperatures drop, ensuring that your lawn and trees receive adequate moisture without becoming overly saturated. Proper irrigation in the fall sets the stage for a healthy lawn in the following growing season.

Pruning for Perfection

Fall is an opportune time for pruning and shaping your landscape. Trim dead or diseased branches from trees and shrubs, promoting air circulation and preventing potential hazards during winter storms. Take the time to shape hedges and bushes, ensuring a tidy and visually appealing landscape throughout the fall and winter.


In Calgary, where fall often arrives earlier than in many other regions, taking care of your lawn and landscape during this season is vital to ensure they thrive in the coming year. The tips and tasks mentioned above will help you maintain a healthy and vibrant outdoor space while preserving the beauty of your lawn and landscaping.

Wondertote, your trusted garden supplier in Calgary, is here to support you in your fall maintenance efforts. Whether you need materials for mulching, or enhancing your lawn, our wide selection of products will help you prepare your outdoor space for the winter months and ensure it’s ready to flourish when spring arrives.

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