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Calgary Gardening

2023 Landscape and Garden Trends

As we welcome a new year, we also welcome new trends in landscaping and gardening. For homeowners in Calgary, Alberta, several gardening ideas can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis. At Wondertote, we specialize in garden supplies and soil delivery to help you achieve your gardening goals. Let’s look at some of the…

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Landscape Project

Creative Under-Deck Landscape Projects

Planning and landscape project for underneath your deck into a beautiful outdoor space is an excellent way to make the most of your home’s exterior. Whether you have a raised deck, a low-level patio, or a balcony, there are many ways to transform the space below it into a fantastic under-deck landscape. Here are some…

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Fall Landscape Checklist

Fall Landscaping Guide

Some essential autumn tasks on your to-do list should include giving permanent plantings such as trees, shrubs, and perennials a little care, cleaning up your garden, and winterizing your lawn. It’s also time you restock and reorganize your garden supplies in Calgary. A little work now means you’ll have more time in the spring to grow…

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Sustainable Landscaping Calgary

Sustainable Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping can benefit both homeowners and the environment. Using sustainable landscaping techniques, homeowners can improve their property value and lifestyle with minimal impact on the local ecosystem. If you’re interested in becoming more sustainable, you should consider creating a more eco-friendly landscape at home. A green landscape can help improve air quality, reduce water usage,…

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Vegetable Garden Calgary

What Vegetables to Grow in Calgary?

Do you have an interest in gardening or want to start your own vegetable garden? If you find yourself in this situation, you might not know where to begin. Today we’re going to help you create your vegetable garden. You will learn where to find top-quality soil in Calgary and essential landscape supplies for the perfect garden.…

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