Did you know that bringing a natural feel to your home through landscaping is easy to DIY? With so many different landscape ideas and the right supplies, no matter what kind of view or style you have in mind, there is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors at home. Read on for some Calgary landscape ideas that can take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Create depth and elevation in your yard

If your garden or backyard is flat, it can look dull and unappealing. One of the best ways to make your yard feel natural is to create a sense of depth and elevation.

You can do this in various ways, depending on your budget and space. For instance, with the right garden supplies in Calgary, you can build retaining walls that will create an elevation change.

Or you may want to add pathways or stairs to go up and down. It is also a good idea to use plants, bushes, and shrubs to add the feeling of elevation and depth.

Build a patio

A patio is great for so many reasons. It’s an excellent place to barbecue or party with friends. And you can even use it as an extension of your kitchen or living room! The good news is that you can quickly build a beautiful patio with the right landscape supplies.

If your backyard is flat, it’s as easy as picking out some outdoor tiles and laying them down. You can also easily put in patio bricks even if you have a hill or slope. Or you may want to use patio stones if it is a high-traffic area. If used with crushed gravel and paver edging, your patio will be more functional and look gorgeous.

Define your borders

Nothing is more uninviting than a yard that looks like it just stops or has no defined end. Even if you don’t have the space or budget for a patio or retaining wall, you can add some visual appeal by defining your borders.

A great and inexpensive way to do this is with some shrubs. Choose shrubs that are about knee height and can be easily planted in your backyard. Once they are in the ground, they will grow and quickly create a visual boundary. You also can use other plants, but shrubs are very easy to plant, and you can even do it yourself.

Build garden beds

Garden beds are a great way to make your yard look much more inviting. They can be made from several different materials, and you can use them to grow flowers, plants, vegetables, and herbs.

But you need suitable soil to build a good garden bed. Wondertote has you covered if you’re looking for soil delivery in Calgary. We recommend mixing mulch with high-quality soil so your garden beds can have better water retention capacity.

Add soil and mulch to a wooden frame and create a box that fits in your yard. You can also use bricks or stones to build raised garden beds that make your garden pop.

Create visual appeal

Trees and shrubs not only help your yard look visually appealing, but they also help to block out unwanted views. They will also help keep your yard cooler in the summer.

You can even use decorative rocks to create visual interest. Decorative stones help create contrast by breaking up the space. For example, you may want to use white crystal rocks next to sod in your lush green yard. This will create a gorgeous contrast.

Buying decorative rock in Calgary doesn’t have to be a hassle. Wondertote supplies a wide range of decorative rock and garden supplies in Calgary and surrounding areas. 

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