It’s easy to buy good quality garden soil if you know where to look for it. However, much of the soil in Calgary is full of clay and lacking nutrients and requires soil amendment to help improve.

How to improve your Garden Soil?

Improving your garden soil isn’t all that difficult once you know how to do it. There are several strategies that you can adopt, including

1.Constant Monitoring: The first thing to keep in mind is that your soil needs to be continuously monitored. Check moisture levels by a simple touch often, and consider a yearly soil test to ensure the right balance of nutrients are present.

2.Replenishing what the plants take up: Specific plants often exhaust some nutrients in the soil, and it is essential to understand which nutrients your plants are taking up. You can easily replenish them by adding more of that nutrient into the soil through fertilizer.

3.Use Organic Fertilizers: Using organic fertilizers is an absolute must- while chemical fertilizers can do the job just as well at often a slightly lower price, the environment has to pay for it. Plus, your soil does not really get healthier in the long run as it does when you rely on organic fertilizers.

4.Rely on Earthworms: Earthworms are your friends, and as such, you need to keep that in mind when you’re using pesticides for your plants. Using natural, organic pesticides and taking care when you’re working in your garden is key to ensuring that earthworms are safe so that they can help you keep your soil as healthy as possible.

5.Minimize tillage: One thing that very few lawn owners realize is that tilling your lawn improperly can cause damage. Therefore, it is essential to either rely on low-power tillers or minimize tilling to ensure that your soil stays healthy.

6.Use Soil Amendment: Amendments contain organic materials such as compost and mulch that can help break up clay and add nutrients back to the soil. If you are searching for soil amendment in Calgary, be sure to check out our Garden Party.

7.Don’t walk over your soil: While this might sound obvious, try not to tread over your soil too often, as it can compact the soil and affect drainage.

8.Get rid of Weeds: Finally, keep in mind that weeds take no time to show up and can be a real problem. Removing weeds is essential if you want your soil to remain in the ideal condition. Weeds will compete with your plants and exhaust all the nutrients in the soil.

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