How to Prevent Weeds with Landscape Fabric

If you’re trying to prevent weeds without resorting to harmful methods such as using herbicides, Landscape fabric is one of the first options to investigate.

It is a method where you can not only do selective weeding but do that in an aesthetically pleasing way. In other words, you would be able to maintain a beautiful yard in Calgary without having to worry too much about weeds!

How does Landscape Fabric deal with Weeds?

Honestly, the way that landscape fabric deals with weeds is simple. The way it deals with weeds are as follows:

It lets you selectively do your weeding: One of the best things about landscape fabric is that it lets you get rid of weeds selectively. You can ensure that you can keep the plants you want and get rid of the weeds in an ideal manner by actually covering up the weeds properly with the landscape fabric.

Long-tern Economic Gains: Another primary reason why you might want to go with landscape fabric is that it is affordable and durable at the same time. Therefore, you cannot only get it for a reasonable price but also expect it to work well for an extended period, making it a wise investment for any homeowner.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Another huge benefit of going with landscape fabric is that it is aesthetically pleasing since its customizable. You can cover it with decorative leaves or pebbles and ensure that your yard looks beautiful.

How to Install Landscape Fabric?

Installing landscape fabric is a simple process, although can be time-consuming. While going for an expert is always a good choice, it does cost a bit, and you might want to maintain a conservative budget.

But there’s no reason to worry because it isn’t all that hard to do yourself. Here are the main steps that you might want to follow to ensure that you properly install it:

Prepare your soil: The first thing to do is to prepare your soil. Ensure that no sharp items such as rocks or broken glass on the surface might damage the fabric. Also, this is the point where you might want to extract your plants to reposition them where you want them.

Have your plants where you want them: The next step is to get your plants where you want them. The Landscape fabric would be adjusted so that your plants are not covered, but the rest of the lawn is. This makes it essential to properly decide where you want your plants to be before preparing the fabric.

Prepare the fabric: Then, you need to prepare the weedmat accordingly. You might want to consider cutting some holes in it to ensure that your plants are getting good room while it covers up the rest of the lawn adequately.

Ensure that weed zones are covered: The most important thing to do if you are looking to get rid of weeds is to ensure that the landscape fabric properly covers up the areas with the maximum amount of weed. This would ensure that you would get rid of them at the earliest with the minimum amount of effort.

Decorate the Landscape Fabric: Finally, you might want to decorate the landscape fabric properly once it has been installed. You can do this with decorative rock to ensure that your lawn looks just the way you want!

Weed Prevention Calgary

With preparation and landscape fabric, you can ensure a low-maintenance yard in Calgary. While weeds may still grow on top of the landscape fabric as the seeds get blown around, pulling them will be much easier as the roots won’t establish as deep.

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